Vernous I

by Vernous

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vern (noun) - shield; anything which protects or defends
n - (from Latin) - infix used to denote an action
ous - suffix used to form adjectives from nouns. From Latin -ösus ("full, full of")
nous (noun) - common sense; practical intelligence


released March 28, 2012

All songs by Vernous

Cover art by Jessee Egan




Vernous Brooklyn, New York

Dance music-inspired noir-pop. Feels like falling deities and breaking hearts.

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Track Name: Separate Celibate
Look at all the ways
Someone defines our ways
You can't be so unusual
You can't be so unusual

Go on, go play your games
You know she sees right through your head
When the lights get dim get next to him
Don't go far, you can't go far...Don't you know this is where the love affairs go on?

This ain't the time to choose
Either you win or either you lose
You took the fight and now you're gone
Don't waste your time if you wanna get moving

Don't you know, my love
that we can't go too far?
Don't you know, my love
this isn't who we are?
Track Name: We Are Children
We are children
hiding in beds
on the third floor
from our mother
She's got a new man in the house
Wandering around
Walk through the woods
make a toy
Fumbling around
walk through the woods
Can you come round to the back trails?
Go to the movies?
Get your tongue kissing
and your hands drifting
and your candy crashing
in your sixth-grade fashion
We are children
trying to stay cool
we take it in stride
There is darkness
filling the house
with silence:
"No, you can't run around."
"No, you can't make a sound."
"No, you can't disappear."
"No, you can't."
"I need you here."
Track Name: DTF
I can't tell you that it all means nothing
I can't tell you what it's all about
I can't tell you that it all means something
I can't tell you cause I don't know how