by Vernous

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released July 30, 2011

All songs by Vernous



all rights reserved


Vernous Brooklyn, New York

Dance music-inspired noir-pop. Feels like falling deities and breaking hearts.

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Track Name: Drop Your Kill
You keep them waiting
by your own front door
you keep them waiting
'cause you don't want no more

And you don't worry about
your lover at the end
because you're finished with her now
and she can find another friend

You don't start thinking
until you take your pills
and you never give your lovin'
until you've had your lovin' filled

One day: you searching
for a prey you'll never find.
And now you're out of luck, you're out of line,
and soon you're out of time

I hear you crying
through the trees and hills
and your web of lies is falling
and it's dropping all your kill

You lose your your lovers
and you lose all of your friends
because you put them places you don't look
and never look again

I'm afraid of love
I'm afraid to hide
I'm afraid that God hates all mankind
I'm scared to dress
I'm scared to wake
I'm scared of everything I make

You're afraid to love
You're afraid to hide
You're afraid that God hates all mankind
You're scared to dress
You're scared to wake
You're scared of every little thing you make
Track Name: Again
It was a little bit lighter
when we'd rise
The sounds a little bit brighter
in the night

Now I gotta keep tapping in, tapping in
only when I want to
Cause if I let it rush in, rushes in
then I'll never come to

Brush it off, rub it off, jack it off
Go on
Take your jacket off, top it off, let's get off
Go on

Well if you wanted to hold her again
well there's no again
After the end there's no again
After the end there's no again